Website Development

Customized Design & Development

No Cookie Cutter WebsitesThe websites Big B Managed Services develops for our clients are accessible, efficient, & reliable. We incorporate each client's personal identity into a customized design that considers both the objective of the organization, & the requirements of their audience. All of the websites developed by Big B are custom built for each client's unique needs and goals.

Big B websites have well structured content & clean coding that is accessible to a diverse range of electronic devices. Each site is hand coded to ensure a simple structure resulting in reduced file sizes for quick load time & easy maintenance. Search Engines can easily access & index important information. This creates higher organic search engine rankings, making it easier for visitors to find your site. All our sites meet current web stadnards for using valid HTML5 & CSS3. This promotes accessibility & long term viability, as well as ease of use for site visitors through faster page loading, & consistency between browsers & devices.

There are generally three types of websites:

  • Brochure websites: A Brochure website is one with very limited functionality and is the most common type of website on the Internet. At most, a brochure website may have a simple email form such as the contact form at the top of this page. Common implementations of brochure websites are for small to medium businesses who only need an online presence to showcase their products or services.
  • Web Applications / Database Driven: Web Applications are Database Driven websites which have a front end and a back end to facilitate functionality. A web application is based on the design process that a brochure website will go through and it will include custom programming to perform the goals of a client's business requirements. These goals can be a scheduling system or internal functionality required by the individual business needs. Some web application websites are used for business to business communications such as libraries who want to access a list of ISBN details for example. All web applications get a custom Functional Specification written prior to programming.
  • Ecommerce / Shopping Cart Solutions: Ecommerce & Shopping Cart Solutions are fairly common for larger companies who want to sell products on line. Ecommerce / Shopping Cart Solutions take Web Applications to the next level of development by incorporating Internet Security, Payment Gateways and Internet Merchant Accounts. Complex issues such as Inventory and Shipping are factored into the development as well as multiple levels of user types including Administrators, Visitors & Customer accounts for repeat purchasors. All ecommerce / shopping cart solutions get a custom Functional Specification written prior to programming.

Big B Managed Services websites also offer:

Keywords: Research relevant keywords, assess effectiveness of keyword combinations, prioritize for most important. Iterative process with client.

Sitemap: Create tree structure bulleted list of desired website pages and hierarchy. Create HTML site map to be used in Search Engine Marketing and 404 pages. An XML (code only) Sitemap will be created for submitting to Robots / Spiders so they can more quickly & easily find the pages of your website for indexing and ranking improvement.

Favicons - A customized icon associated with your website that may be displayed in the browser's URL bar, in list of bookmarks next to the site's name, & in a tab next to the page's title.

Google Map + custom marker - Your own dynamic Google map with a custom marker to point out the primary location of your business.

Custom 404 Page - A customized error page keeps visitors on your website even when a file gets deleted, moved or renamed. Without this you become dependent on the default error page for your browser, which takes your visitors out of your site.

Code: HTML5 / CSS3 Template to create future ready template for build out of website.